Sunday, February 26, 2012

~It's Sunday & That Means A New Song~

Bon Ivers' rendition of "I Can't Make You Love Me/Nick of Time" is an absolute pleasure to endure~ It set a beautiful tone to work to this afternoon. Enjoy!~ and check out his youtube video of this song, *sighs* it's amazing!!!!~

Here's the link for his youtube video of this song~  You must watch :)

Thanks for sharing this with me John~ I love it!

Sunday, February 19, 2012

~Sunday Afternoon~

Another Sunday song~  For all of my NonasNote buyers and visitors.  Posted to share the mood of a Sunday here in my home as I enjoy having the house all to myself to indulge in art~ 

This song ugh, it is wrenching in every way, lyrically, melodically, instrumentally.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do. 

Artist :  Rachael Yamagata
Song:    Sunday Afternoon

It's a choice
to stay
It's a dream
& I wanna wake

You have blood on your hands
and I'm feeling faint
And honey
You can't decide

I'm a drug
Ya don't wanna give up
Smoke your cigarettes
Make your love

You poured blood in my heart
and I can't get enough
I'm drowning, drowning
and you can't decide

It's not about geography, or happenstance
you need to fly, & take a chance
You don't need to soar to emptiness
Float on high, & forever dance alone

Your scared, scared, scared
cuz I feel like home

Hear your voice
Knew right away
If you were here
your eyes would say

There is blood on my feet
as I'm walking away
Rivers are red
Its starting to rain

I'm not gonna live for you
or die for you
Won't do anything anymore for you
Cuz you leave me here on the other side
You leave me here on the other side

(repeat 3 more times)

Not gonna shed one more tear for you
shed one more tear for you
I'm not gonna shed one more tear for you

At least not til Sunday Afternoon
Sunday Afternoon

Leave or Stay
Leave or Stay

Thursday, February 16, 2012

~Today~ The Usual Compilation~

Not every day looks exactly like this, but my inention is that today does.  Each day is a compilation of art verses real life~  Stacked in as many hours as I can possibly get in~  Wished I could stretch the hours today~  but yes, this is typical of a day, give or tak,e a lit'l more or a lit'l less art -vs- real life.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How Did your Wednesday Treat You????

Well, I'm super glad you asked.  It was very good to me.  Not like yesterday~  (although i am very forgiving)~  I was excited to get up, get motivated, and get a lot of work done.  I was hoping I wouldn't crash and burn towards the early afternoon, but not so, I managed to maintain a steady pace, thanks to my eternal friend, coffee.

So, here's what I did today~  I worked for quite a bit this morning.  Filling NonasNote orders of triangle neckscarves and headbands.  I'm sooooo close to being done! 

This is a lovely "teal" triangle neckscarf I was working on this morning.  I have, since then, created seven more in different colors.  (I'm currently working on the eighth scarf)~  I tried to avoid it at first, going shopping to get more materials, but considering what was on my list today, it had to be done.  So I packed up and headed out~

I managed to restock several shades that I use quite often, however, I did forget one, but of course.
I really should create a list that reminds me to make and take a list~
I spent the rest of the day creating triangle neckscarves, even unto the last half an hour~  Yes,
it's been a good day, a productive day~  And while the rest of the house is sleeping, I continued to work.  It's actually the time I enjoy working the most.

I still have much to do~  I am extremely grateful, however, that Wednesday was very kind to me.

May Thursday be just as gracious!~

Nighty~ Night!

~Dear Wednesday~

Dear Wednesday,

I see that you have bumped into the snow storm we were expecting, early in the morn, while I was yet asleep. All of our rivers and streams, all of our lakes and creeks sure needed it, how lucky you are that it has fallen upon you. 

Wednesday, I had planned on sticking to my routine which, by the way, revolves around you, but I have nothing to show today, no pictures taken for eyes to see, only you, only me.  My apologies that the plans you and I normally have today have been spoiled.  I never intended that, but your friend Tuesday kept me far too late, far too long, and far too busy.

And still, you and I are destined to share time today, there's no way around that.  Please allow it to be a good day, today, not so much like Tuesday, she was a bit cruel, a bit crafty, she was, no doubt, in a mood.  I hope that she recovers before she visits again.

Dear Wednesday, I hope that you and I can be in one accord today.  There is so much to do, please work with me, be kind, and I will be kind to you~



Tuesday, February 14, 2012

~Lost In Thought~ (Better Off)

Better off,
To keep it in,
I have been caught,
Fumbling thought,
All that I am inside,
Outside I am not,

Try to take it all in,
To no end,
Is there no end?

Better off,
I think,
To keep me all in,
Tucked away,
Lest any part of me
Remains visible,
Tuck it all in,
Lest the hem of my garment,
Be exposed,

In complete remorse,
Tiptoeing through the unused pages,
In my mind,
Skip a few, rip a few,
Highlight an area of joy,
Turn the page,
And skim over a few more,

Better off,
I believe to keep me inside,
Lest my belly is turned up,
In complete submission,
A strange position,
To be in.


Monday, February 13, 2012

~NonasNote Newbies~

I am taking the opportunity, this evening, to share with you a few NonasNote Newbies that were listed last week.  I know, I'm running a bit behind and my only offered excuse is that I have been busy. (it's true :)

Last week I added several more items to my springbreak and summertime collection.  Again, running with the theme of "get me out of this cold weather".  I also added several *new* triangle scarflettes.  They are a smaller version of my large triangle neckscarves, for those of you who like to keep the drama to a minimum.  Enjoy!

For more info on this piece, check out the following link~

Sunday, February 12, 2012

~Sunday Mornings~

Sundays are generally the first day of the week for me.  And as any other winter Sunday, I have the house to myself.  It is a time when I put on music that calls out to me, which assists in setting the mood for comfort, calm, and depth in my work.  This time really allows me to just sort of dive into what I'm working on, and coupled with the music, I go somewhere else.

And so, I wanted to share with you a lit'l snipit of a Sunday morning for me, and for you, if it is for you that I am creating~

Song:  Sunday Morning
Artist: Ani Difranco

Sunday morning
Slow beats seething
Through the screens in
The open windows
Eggs frying
Legs shaking
After we stayed lying
So long in bed
Sunday morning
Both of us reading
And looking up occasionally
Looking up occasionally

Sunday morning
You're doing your thing
And I am doing mine
Speaking words
More a formality
Cuz we can feel we
Are of one mind
Sunday morning
Sheets still warm
Kitties swarming
Around our feet
Life comes easy
Your sweet company
Making it so complete

Of all the Monday through Fridays
We joined the crusade
Of all the Saturday nights
In which we were made
Of all the exorcisms
I've done with your ghosts
Still it's Sunday morning
I miss you the most

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

A Bit Of An Update~

I have been very busy all week creating some NonasNote Newbies.  Tonight, the night before photographing and listing, I am spending my time on finishing touches.  I have a couple of new halters to list.  One is an absolute HOT piece.  I'm so excited to share.  The other halter tops are like the Lilac Halter I listed last week, but in different colors.  This week I also decided to create a couple of triangle scarflettes that slip right over the head so there is no tying necessary~  I will also be listing a very "peachy" mesh dress, perfect for a bathing suit cover, most definitely a beachy accessory~  Hmmm, what else?  Oh, I also created three pieces that are smaller versions of my "triangle neckscarves", for the girl who likes the dramatic look, just not so much of it *smiles*.  I'm hoping to also create and finish a couple more pieces tonight, depending on how long I can keep my eyes open.

So here's to tomorrow~and~NonasNote Newbies~  I can't wait to share.

Sincerest of blessings,


Thursday, February 2, 2012

~Step Into My Work Studio~

I have, until now, continually utilized this blog to promote my NonasNote brand, to promote my Etsy shop, and to keep you updated on projects that I am working on.  I realized that it's high time I introduce myself :)

My name is Jenera (like generic but with an "uh" instead of and "ic" ha ha)~  Nona is my nickname.  It was given to me when I was born (although I don't remember that part) by my older brother who was 2 years old at the time.  He was unable to pronounce my name and started calling me "Nona".  This is how my family addresses me.

So, now you know my name.  I would like to start by sharing with you where it is that all of my projects are done, in my home, in my crafting studio.  Come on in :)

It's a tinsy bit messy, only because I've been very busy~  I promise to clean it in it's entirety tomorrow~

This is a project that I am currently working on.  Not quite finished, but close.  You'll see that later~

I've got plenty of lit'l cubbies for all of my yarn. The shades in the corner there, those I use the most~
I use bins to keep a bit of my finished product in, but I also cover and hang most of my pieces so they don't get dusty or out of shape~
More cubbies for more fabulous fibers.  I just cannot obtain enough delicious colors and textures.
The lit'l paper sign on the wall says, "Smile, it gives your face something to do".  I made it in the attempt to cheer up a friend. :)  wonder if it worked, hmmmmm.
All of my shipping supplies are kept on the middle table here.  The table though, well, it wasn't tall enough and if I spent too much time at this work station, my back would start to ache. So, instead of buying a taller table, I used bed risers, they work awesome, and no more back pain, yesss~
Here's a better look at the risers.  I'm now addicted to them, ha ha.  I want to raise everything in my house.  I've already raised my bed and the antique formica table that I am working on right now.  I even keep a spare set.
The stainless steel table to the left is the BEST table ever.  It's a butcher's table and it is perrrrfect for crafting~  I will never ever get rid of it.  I keep all of my leftover fringe hanging on shower rings to the left,  This way I'm not wasteful, but it also inspires me to try different color combos. 
This summer I plan on ripping out the carpet and actually painting the floor and the walls.  I'm not sure what colors yet, but something vibrant and fun~
There is actually a whole other side to this room, but I am saving that for later because THAT is where I put the mess, te he he~  Many many things have been created right here, and many more to come.

thanks for taking the tour~ :)

~NonasNote Newbies~

I was absolutely thrilled to get a bit of spare time on my hands recently, as I had been flooded with ideas for NonasNote newbies.  I'm really diggin the halters.  Perhaps because I long for warm weather and a sun tan.  I figured, I would just roll with it.

But along with creating a "new style" of halter top, not so long ago I received a request to continue making chained neckwarmers.  I thought that was a pretty good idea.  I had not created them in quite some time, and they were super fun and authentic pieces.

On my mission to create these pieces, suddenly inspiration came over me and my fingers went to work
on a different piece.  I love the way it turned out.  I am infatuated with being wrapped in fiber chains and what a better way to top off the piece than with a beautiful, shiny, and sleek satin ribbon.  So here are my two new pieces.  I hope you enjoy~

This super soft pale and dainty purple halter is perfect to wear over a bikini top~
I really love "drop necks" and wanted to feature it in a halter.  I absolutely love
the way that it turned out.

I created long and wide ties to accomodate most sizes.

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

~~~On The Flipside~~~

You may have noticed, lately, that I have been spending quite a bit of time creating and introducing my new line of halter tops.  You may have even thought, "it's winter, halter tops?".  Well, I just have to say, it is always summer somewhere.  And though I cannot be whisked away to the endless rays of intense summer heat (of which I am a huge fan), I have decided that I would pay tribute to the "FlipSide" of the world.  Those lucky ladies who are, even as we speak, absorbing the heat of the sun, splashing around in rivers, lakes, streams, and the more blessed, the ocean.  These are for you.  Let it be said of me, that I have not neglected you~ Please allow me to live vicariously through you!!!

Crocheted in "Thyme", this bohemian inspired halter is likely to become your favorite piece.
I had to finish this halter in typical NonasNote flair, fringe!  I couldn't leave it at that, though,
I wanted to give it a bit more of a punch, and I believe, the strand of two feathers really tied this
piece together~ 

I created this piece in a gorgeous "Snow" white~  All of my halters have long ties to accomodate
most sizes.

I am absolutely in LOVE (and I mean in love) with this bright red.  It is, no doubt, a hot-t-t-t color~
Created with long ties to accomodate different sizes~

A beautiful and vibrant turquoise. 

If you are infatuated with "earthy" tones, you will adore this piece.  Created in "oatmeal",
this piece has small flecks of darker earthy tones.

for new items~

I rather enjoy the changes in the weather.  I don't mind the snow falling gently upon the valley floor, whispering in the night as I lay sound asleep.  And in the morning when I lift my head from my pillow, when I lift the lids of my eyes, I am always a bit surprised, to see all that had taken place as I slumbered.  As the valley lies comforted by a blanket of snow.  It has settled beneath and begins it's own sort of slumber.

I rather enjoy the changes in the weather, as the sun is still shining, still, it sets.  Though, for a moment, it plays tag with the clouds.  Or perhaps a game of hide and seek, whichever, you choose.  And the stout-hearted birds still fly.  You can catch them, at times, all puffed up beneath the branches of the pines, hidden beneath the umbrella of the evergreen needles, kept warm in the arms of comfort and temporary shelter.  And still they are clothed and cared for, having need of nothing.

I cannot say that I mind, whether the cold wind is shouting, or the frost gathers as ornaments of splendor.  Whether or not the heavenly receptacles pour rain or snow, or sleet, or whether they are commanded to halt.  I cannot say that I mind, not really, not at all~