Friday, October 15, 2010

Colorful Layers of Cozy Goodness!!!!


I just created these fun and colorful layers of cozy goodness.  These layered chains are crocheted from the softest cotton you ever did feel.  They are super light-weight and an absolute delight.  Accessories are not limited to metal, silver, or gold necklaces anymore.  These chains are four-season friendly.  Wear em with anything or to any event.

The more you stack, the more fantastic they are.  Mix the colors to your delight.

These are a limited edition~  I am trying to use up the rest of the soft yarn so get yours before they're gone. 

Available in plum, orange sherbert, bright turquoise, teddy bear brown, or periwinkle.  I also have salmon which I am in the process of creating.  Twist em up, let em dangle, wrap around your wrists.  Your creativity is the limit with these adorable and stackable neck chains.

Each individual neck piece is only $10 at
and is created to give you ultimate comfort as each chain is crocheted together in a neat little package.  No bulging knots~


  1. Love all of them!!!

  2. ChiccaStyle, I am absolutely in love with all of your creations. Such amazing talent!