Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fab Fabric Creations~ What to do with a tshirt~

I Love love love to create~  Coming up with new designs is so amazing, but what's even better is watching how they turn out.  Sometimes, yep, sometimes, they don't work out as well I thought they would and then it's back to the drawing board I go.  However, when what started as a seed in my messy mind actually works out, it's simply wonderful, fun, exhilerating, fantastic!

I've been working with yarn for several years now, but before yarn, there was a needle, thread, and my own reconstructions from the closet.  I recently decided to explore this passion a bit more and see what my thoughts could conjure up~  After a few weeks of creating, I am presenting to you some of the new creations now featured at nonasnote.etsy.com~

Working with different materials is a blast.  And how about the "emerald green"????  I never really explored "green", but am now thinking that it may very well be one of my favs.


Thursday, August 18, 2011

Recycled T-shirts and other fab fabric finds~

For those who know me, you know how much I love to crochet.  Lately, though, I've just had this curiousity to experiment with other fabrics.  I have a lot a lot a lot of yarn stacked in my workshop, but what about fabric?  Do I have any fabric to play around with????  Hmmmmmmmm

After pondering for quite a while, I realized I had bags and bags full of clothing that I had been meaning to utilize in some way.  So, I decided what a better way to use than "reuse", so off I went on my little creative adventure.

At first I decided I wanted to make infinity jersey scarves.  I made a few, and can't wait to make more.  But then I decided I wanted to make something a weeee bit different, I decided on cutting up and creating super fun neck scarf (enter backslash here) shoulder fringe scarves and I absolutely love them.  Here's a few pics of my newest creations, not yet available for purchase, but with a lit'l work, they will be ready in no time at all.

After I finisehd several several of these, I felt like maybe doing some wool felting, so this is something else I created today.  Absolutely adorable, soft, and perfect for the fall and winter seasons.
After wool felting for a while, I also decided I wanted to utilize some fabric that my amazing and creative sister in law sent me.  So here's what I created with just a bit of that.

Needless to say, I had a super great day creating fun and authentic accessories.  I can't wait to photograph these items being worn and look forward to creating listings for my Etsy shop~ 

Hmmmmm, I wonder what tomorrow has in store for me *big smiles*

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

~Go Totally BoHo~

I'm sooooo excited about our spring and summer trends, aren't you?  Fashion is so fun, but setting your own trends, now that is simply a blast~  I'm sure if you've been out and about doing some window shopping, or even better, spring and summer shopping, you're noticing a lot of metallics~  I can only describe these new and fun flashy trends as a combination of a disco/boho blend, oooooooh, how exciting!  So, inspired by the lastest fashion forward trends, I've been busy preparing and revealing my new spring and summer line.  Here's just a sample of what is shortly coming to my Etsy shop,  http://www.etsy.com/shop/nonasnote?ref=si_shop
Okay, so I created these AWEsome authentic pieces to give you a lightweight, comfortable, and super fun way to customize your wardrobe with this really amazing accessory~  So cute over a tank top with a pair of jeans.  Perhaps a cute spring or summer dress.  Or, how about on the beach over your swimsuit.  Imagine walking on the beach with that light afternoon breeze and these gorgeous strands of white and silver sequence lightly lifting in the wind~  What a great photo prop this could be.  Now, this photo does not do this item justice, however, I will be reshooting this item worn, to list in my Etsy shop~
You can see in the following picture the detailed sequence ribbon that I added to this adorable piece to give it that trendy and "fashion forward" flavor~  Imagine these catching the light any time of day.  This super fun accessory will surely capture attention and bring a lot of compliments your way~ 

"Wear accessories that become the center of conversation"
NonasNote Crochet Accessories and more~

I will have these in several different colors, textures, and styles, so keep an eye on my shop, blog, facebook, and twitter for upcoming posts and Etsy listings.
I created this one using a super soft and lightweight polyester blend yarn.
The strands on this piece are longer and plentiful.  The shades in this piece are off white and a light cafe'.  I love these pieces because they really give you a light and airy feel.  Imagine these strands blowing in the afternoon breeze.  This bohemian feel accessory is a lovely way to add a little authenticity to your wardrobe without spending a bunch of money~  Don't be afraid to try new things this spring and summer season, you just might fall in love with them~
I am continuing, also, with my "chains" theme, as I just adore the look and feel of these little pieces.  Once again, these can be worn over tanks tops with a pair of jeans, a skirt, or a pair of shirts.  How adorable these would also be over a spring or summer dress.  I added the ruffled flutter sleeves to give them that NonasNote flair~ 

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Oooooooh~ Lots and Lots of Blasts of Color~

 Thank you sstormster1 for including NonasNote in your Fab Etsy Treasury~  We sure appreciate you!


I would also like to thank AidforAbby for including NonasNote in her Divine Treasury~  We are so grateful~

Please have a look at these two shops~  Great great artistry by Abby and amazing work by Sarah~



Art by Abby:

Art by Sarah Storm:


Thanks again!  I just adore our Etsy community~

Some Shun Sunshine, Do You Shun Sunshine~ I know I don't, te he he

Okay, so the weather around here is finally warming up.  And truly, I just cannot express how happy this makes me.  I have been sooooo inspired by the warm weather and my fingers have been working non-stop.  I have so many ideas for spring and summer, there just aren't enough hours in the day, enough days in a week, enough weeks in a............well, you get the picture~  So here's a lit'l taste of my spring and summer line.  Yeeeehawwww~

Monday, March 28, 2011

Warm + Weather = Floppy Hats!

The snow in my yard has completely melted away.  The grass gets more and more green each day.  My lilacs and plum tree, crabapples trees, and burning bush all have little buds on them and finally the temperature is rising.  Hallelujah!  Now don't get me wrong, I love winter.  And with my craft, they sort of work hand in hand, but I'm really excited to feel the sun on my face.

I may be speaking too soon, but so what, it's time to bring back the floppy hats!  Yay~  So here's just a little bit of spring appetizers from nonasnote.etsy.com.

Looking for a different color?  Please send me a message at nonasnote.etsy.com
and I will be more than happy~  I love custom orders and new ideas!

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A New Pattern for my NonasNote Friend~

By request of a friend of NonasNote I am bringing you a new pattern~
~NonasNote~ Large Triangle Scarf~

Let's Get Started:
Here's what you will need~
1.  Large Crochet Hook, for this I used a the largest hook that I had, unfortunately it doesn't have the size     on it, but I used the biggest one I could find.  The larger the hook, the larger the stitch~
2. 1 skein of yarn (364 yards)  I used Red Heart "coral"
3.  You can make this scarf as big as you want it, modify it, make it your own, that's the fun part of crochet!

Here we go!
1. Chain 3 for beginning chain, last two chains count as first (dc) in next row,  ch 2 yarn over
2. 1st row: Insert hook 3rd chain from the hook, 2 (dc) in first chain = 3 (dc) in second row,  ch 2 yarn over  turn.
3.  2nd row: First two chains(count as first dc now and throughout) dc in first st, 2 dc's in nex st,
dc in last chain. chain 2 yarn over, turn = 5 dc's
3.  3rd row:  2 dc in next ch from hook, dc, 2 dc, dc in last, ch 2, yarn over, turn.= 7dc
4.  4th row:  dc in next ch from hook, 2 dc in next ch, dc, 2dc in next, dc 2 times ending the row, ch 2, yarn over, turn = 9 dc
5.  5th row: dc in next ch from hook, 2 dc in next ch, dc in next 3 ch, 2 dc in next ch, dc in last 2 chs, ch2, yarn over, turn = 11 dc
6. 6th row: *dc in next ch from hook, 2 dc in next ch, dc in next 6 ch, 2 dc in next ch, dc in last 2 chs, ch 2, yarn over, turn* = 13 dc
7. 7th row and throughout, repeat from *

Notice all that you are doing is increasing the stitches by two in each row.  Continue on in this fashion until you have the size of the scarf that you would like.  Add different colors, add fringe, whatever you like, make it your own.

*Note* usually when I get the size desired, I top the last row with single stitches, just to tidy it up~

Please remember, I don't sell patterns, I'm not a pro at writing them.  Just pulling them from the file in my head to share with those who are interested. 


Nona @ nonasnote.etsy.com

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Sharing My Favs~

If you are looking for authentic decor for your home, please check out Honey Pie Design on Etsy.com.  This adorable pillow is only one of an amazing and creative collection.


Home decor is yet another passion of mine.  And if your looking for a great decorative piece to brighten up any room in your home, this divine primitive ladder shelf is a great piece.  I love the color and the added vase is just an added bonus~ For these and other amazing and authentic pieces, visit one of my favorite Etsy shops.  TRwoodworks

OldNewAgain on Etsy.com has several intriguing and repurposed home decor items in a fabulous array of colors.  I just adore this beautiful wall vase in one of my all time favorite shades.  This functional piece of art would be perfect in any room, in any season. 

Yet another awesome idea from OldNewAgain on Etsy.com
I just love this artistic, rustic, and functional piece~  Absolutely adorable.  Brighten any kitchen, breakfast nook, in or outdoor dining area with this amazing Napkin Holder Table Organizer.  LOVE IT!

TRwoodworks has done it again with this "primitive three hook spice rack" and more~  Great work here and right up my alley.  I just love repurposed pieces that are super functional.  This is a  great conversation piece and can be utilized in soooo many ways.  What a bonus item~

These are just a few of my favs on Etsy.com.  The possiblities for home decor are literally endless~  check out these above sellers on Etsy.

Spring Forward ~ Or shall I say.......back?

Some might not want to admit that they are happy about the upcoming spring trends.  What's next?  Didn't we just see a huge 80's comeback?  Could it be any worse?  I, for one, loved the 80's, ha ha~  They treated me well. 

So what's next?  Let's "Spring Forward" so to speak~  You are going to see "disco" make a roaring comeback.  I know what you're thinking?  What's disco?  ha ha.  For those of you who remember this era, the mere thought of having it return in full force could be a little overwhelming.  High waisted pants, shiny shirts, bell bottoms, platform clogs, yep, it's all coming back around.  You don't have to go "full force" to stay a fashionista though.  Take what you like about the era, and create a look all your own.  I love love flutter sleeves, and so I've borrowed the idea and added it to classic shoulder wrap to not only give it a look all its own, but to also give it a modern twist~

This is a look that is fitting for all seasons and on any occassion.  These are lightweight and super functional~

A piece in the works~

Now, what about color trends.  You're going to be seeing a lot of colors with names of flowers like "iris", "daffodil", "viola", "poppy", "lilac".  These are all great colors and can be utilized and matched (or mismatched) in so many ways.  These shades will add a lot of color to your already authentic wardrobe, but they also create a softer look.  We're not talking about these bright and bold colors this spring season, but that doesn't mean to exclude them, remember, the 80's trend is still plugging away. 

Now, I have to admit, I'm a fool for color, but having said that, there are definitely some color selections for this "disco" spring theme that I'm just not into.  Remember that green shade that one can only refer to as "baby pooh" green?  yeah, not a big fan.  If we think disco, we can remember a lot of funky colors that aren't too flattering. But this doesn't mean you have to wear pieces of "groovy" clothing in colors you're not fond of.  Try finding accessories in these shades.  You will be surprised by how much you will adore these accessories if you take a leap of faith and try them out.  Use bracelets, neck pieces, scarves, etc that contain the "groovy" disco colors and patterns.  This is what's great about buying handmade, take what you like about the trend, bend, shape, and mold it into your very own look.  There really are many amazing artists on Etsy.com who can help create a look all your own while maintaining your stylish reputation.  So be inspired and have some fun! 

I personally like colors that POP!  Adding just one eye popping color to your look will do. It's all about balance *smiles*  but you can add that colorful piece keeping the trend in mind.~

A piece in the works~

I'm so excited about my new spring line.  Please come by often to get some sneak peeks at what
I'm preparing for nonasnote.etsy.com

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Flirtatious Flutter Fashion

If you're not afraid to turn heads by wearing authentic accessories, this Vice Versa Flutter Sleeve Shrug by NonasNote is just the accessory for you~ This flirty and artistic piece was specifically designed for verstile wear. Winter, spring, summer, or fall, this shrug is best worn in all~ Add a little bit of flavor to a tank and jeans look, a strappy dress, over a comfortable tee, your creativity really is the limit~

"Wear accessories that become the center of conversation"

NonasNote Crochet Accessories and more~



Simple Crochet Pattern for NonasNote Sweater Sleeves~


Please keep in mind, I don't normally write out crochet patterns, I am simply posting by request to help inspire all of you crochet artists out there.  It's all for the love and fun of artistic crochet~

so, here we go, weeeeeeee.

For these sweater sleeves I use a size K crochet hook.

This pattern is created for a solid color, if you would like to switch colors like I did and need instruction, please feel to contact me:

Ch. 21
Slip Stitch to form a ring
1st row:  chain 2 (counts as first DC) DC in each single all the way around.  Slip stitch in 1st DC of first row
2nd row:  chain 2 (counts as first DC) DC in each DC all the way around.  Slip stitch in 1st DC of 2nd row
(REPEAT) until you have 20 rows
row 21: chain 1 (counts as first sc) SC in each DC all the way around.  Slip stitch in 1st SC of 21st row.
(REPEAT row 21 2x'a) tie off~

You may have to add a couple of chains or exclude a couple, depending on your measurements.

Have fun!  Can't wait to see what you create~



Oh, and btw, I originally designed these for yours truly, here's my measurements so you can get an idea on whether to add or take away chains~ Approximately 9 1/2 inch bicep Length Approximately 14-14 1/2 inches Blessings like the rain~ Jenera