Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Fab Fabric Creations~ What to do with a tshirt~

I Love love love to create~  Coming up with new designs is so amazing, but what's even better is watching how they turn out.  Sometimes, yep, sometimes, they don't work out as well I thought they would and then it's back to the drawing board I go.  However, when what started as a seed in my messy mind actually works out, it's simply wonderful, fun, exhilerating, fantastic!

I've been working with yarn for several years now, but before yarn, there was a needle, thread, and my own reconstructions from the closet.  I recently decided to explore this passion a bit more and see what my thoughts could conjure up~  After a few weeks of creating, I am presenting to you some of the new creations now featured at nonasnote.etsy.com~

Working with different materials is a blast.  And how about the "emerald green"????  I never really explored "green", but am now thinking that it may very well be one of my favs.


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