Thursday, March 10, 2011

Spring Forward ~ Or shall I say.......back?

Some might not want to admit that they are happy about the upcoming spring trends.  What's next?  Didn't we just see a huge 80's comeback?  Could it be any worse?  I, for one, loved the 80's, ha ha~  They treated me well. 

So what's next?  Let's "Spring Forward" so to speak~  You are going to see "disco" make a roaring comeback.  I know what you're thinking?  What's disco?  ha ha.  For those of you who remember this era, the mere thought of having it return in full force could be a little overwhelming.  High waisted pants, shiny shirts, bell bottoms, platform clogs, yep, it's all coming back around.  You don't have to go "full force" to stay a fashionista though.  Take what you like about the era, and create a look all your own.  I love love flutter sleeves, and so I've borrowed the idea and added it to classic shoulder wrap to not only give it a look all its own, but to also give it a modern twist~

This is a look that is fitting for all seasons and on any occassion.  These are lightweight and super functional~

A piece in the works~

Now, what about color trends.  You're going to be seeing a lot of colors with names of flowers like "iris", "daffodil", "viola", "poppy", "lilac".  These are all great colors and can be utilized and matched (or mismatched) in so many ways.  These shades will add a lot of color to your already authentic wardrobe, but they also create a softer look.  We're not talking about these bright and bold colors this spring season, but that doesn't mean to exclude them, remember, the 80's trend is still plugging away. 

Now, I have to admit, I'm a fool for color, but having said that, there are definitely some color selections for this "disco" spring theme that I'm just not into.  Remember that green shade that one can only refer to as "baby pooh" green?  yeah, not a big fan.  If we think disco, we can remember a lot of funky colors that aren't too flattering. But this doesn't mean you have to wear pieces of "groovy" clothing in colors you're not fond of.  Try finding accessories in these shades.  You will be surprised by how much you will adore these accessories if you take a leap of faith and try them out.  Use bracelets, neck pieces, scarves, etc that contain the "groovy" disco colors and patterns.  This is what's great about buying handmade, take what you like about the trend, bend, shape, and mold it into your very own look.  There really are many amazing artists on who can help create a look all your own while maintaining your stylish reputation.  So be inspired and have some fun! 

I personally like colors that POP!  Adding just one eye popping color to your look will do. It's all about balance *smiles*  but you can add that colorful piece keeping the trend in mind.~

A piece in the works~

I'm so excited about my new spring line.  Please come by often to get some sneak peeks at what
I'm preparing for


  1. "Nona" designs and creates some of the most fun and sexy crohet pieces I love all my "stuff" ha ha.
    God Bless you Nona
    thank you

  2. Thank you so much for stopping by! You're simply the best~ Sincerest blessings. Thank you~