Wednesday, February 15, 2012

~Dear Wednesday~

Dear Wednesday,

I see that you have bumped into the snow storm we were expecting, early in the morn, while I was yet asleep. All of our rivers and streams, all of our lakes and creeks sure needed it, how lucky you are that it has fallen upon you. 

Wednesday, I had planned on sticking to my routine which, by the way, revolves around you, but I have nothing to show today, no pictures taken for eyes to see, only you, only me.  My apologies that the plans you and I normally have today have been spoiled.  I never intended that, but your friend Tuesday kept me far too late, far too long, and far too busy.

And still, you and I are destined to share time today, there's no way around that.  Please allow it to be a good day, today, not so much like Tuesday, she was a bit cruel, a bit crafty, she was, no doubt, in a mood.  I hope that she recovers before she visits again.

Dear Wednesday, I hope that you and I can be in one accord today.  There is so much to do, please work with me, be kind, and I will be kind to you~



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  1. Oh, and Wednesday, if you could give me something to remember you by, that would be great! Although, something positive would be best~