Thursday, February 2, 2012

~Step Into My Work Studio~

I have, until now, continually utilized this blog to promote my NonasNote brand, to promote my Etsy shop, and to keep you updated on projects that I am working on.  I realized that it's high time I introduce myself :)

My name is Jenera (like generic but with an "uh" instead of and "ic" ha ha)~  Nona is my nickname.  It was given to me when I was born (although I don't remember that part) by my older brother who was 2 years old at the time.  He was unable to pronounce my name and started calling me "Nona".  This is how my family addresses me.

So, now you know my name.  I would like to start by sharing with you where it is that all of my projects are done, in my home, in my crafting studio.  Come on in :)

It's a tinsy bit messy, only because I've been very busy~  I promise to clean it in it's entirety tomorrow~

This is a project that I am currently working on.  Not quite finished, but close.  You'll see that later~

I've got plenty of lit'l cubbies for all of my yarn. The shades in the corner there, those I use the most~
I use bins to keep a bit of my finished product in, but I also cover and hang most of my pieces so they don't get dusty or out of shape~
More cubbies for more fabulous fibers.  I just cannot obtain enough delicious colors and textures.
The lit'l paper sign on the wall says, "Smile, it gives your face something to do".  I made it in the attempt to cheer up a friend. :)  wonder if it worked, hmmmmm.
All of my shipping supplies are kept on the middle table here.  The table though, well, it wasn't tall enough and if I spent too much time at this work station, my back would start to ache. So, instead of buying a taller table, I used bed risers, they work awesome, and no more back pain, yesss~
Here's a better look at the risers.  I'm now addicted to them, ha ha.  I want to raise everything in my house.  I've already raised my bed and the antique formica table that I am working on right now.  I even keep a spare set.
The stainless steel table to the left is the BEST table ever.  It's a butcher's table and it is perrrrfect for crafting~  I will never ever get rid of it.  I keep all of my leftover fringe hanging on shower rings to the left,  This way I'm not wasteful, but it also inspires me to try different color combos. 
This summer I plan on ripping out the carpet and actually painting the floor and the walls.  I'm not sure what colors yet, but something vibrant and fun~
There is actually a whole other side to this room, but I am saving that for later because THAT is where I put the mess, te he he~  Many many things have been created right here, and many more to come.

thanks for taking the tour~ :)

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