Tuesday, February 14, 2012

~Lost In Thought~ (Better Off)

Better off,
To keep it in,
I have been caught,
Fumbling thought,
All that I am inside,
Outside I am not,

Try to take it all in,
To no end,
Is there no end?

Better off,
I think,
To keep me all in,
Tucked away,
Lest any part of me
Remains visible,
Tuck it all in,
Lest the hem of my garment,
Be exposed,

In complete remorse,
Tiptoeing through the unused pages,
In my mind,
Skip a few, rip a few,
Highlight an area of joy,
Turn the page,
And skim over a few more,

Better off,
I believe to keep me inside,
Lest my belly is turned up,
In complete submission,
A strange position,
To be in.


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