Wednesday, February 15, 2012

How Did your Wednesday Treat You????

Well, I'm super glad you asked.  It was very good to me.  Not like yesterday~  (although i am very forgiving)~  I was excited to get up, get motivated, and get a lot of work done.  I was hoping I wouldn't crash and burn towards the early afternoon, but not so, I managed to maintain a steady pace, thanks to my eternal friend, coffee.

So, here's what I did today~  I worked for quite a bit this morning.  Filling NonasNote orders of triangle neckscarves and headbands.  I'm sooooo close to being done! 

This is a lovely "teal" triangle neckscarf I was working on this morning.  I have, since then, created seven more in different colors.  (I'm currently working on the eighth scarf)~  I tried to avoid it at first, going shopping to get more materials, but considering what was on my list today, it had to be done.  So I packed up and headed out~

I managed to restock several shades that I use quite often, however, I did forget one, but of course.
I really should create a list that reminds me to make and take a list~
I spent the rest of the day creating triangle neckscarves, even unto the last half an hour~  Yes,
it's been a good day, a productive day~  And while the rest of the house is sleeping, I continued to work.  It's actually the time I enjoy working the most.

I still have much to do~  I am extremely grateful, however, that Wednesday was very kind to me.

May Thursday be just as gracious!~

Nighty~ Night!

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