Wednesday, February 1, 2012

~~~On The Flipside~~~

You may have noticed, lately, that I have been spending quite a bit of time creating and introducing my new line of halter tops.  You may have even thought, "it's winter, halter tops?".  Well, I just have to say, it is always summer somewhere.  And though I cannot be whisked away to the endless rays of intense summer heat (of which I am a huge fan), I have decided that I would pay tribute to the "FlipSide" of the world.  Those lucky ladies who are, even as we speak, absorbing the heat of the sun, splashing around in rivers, lakes, streams, and the more blessed, the ocean.  These are for you.  Let it be said of me, that I have not neglected you~ Please allow me to live vicariously through you!!!

Crocheted in "Thyme", this bohemian inspired halter is likely to become your favorite piece.
I had to finish this halter in typical NonasNote flair, fringe!  I couldn't leave it at that, though,
I wanted to give it a bit more of a punch, and I believe, the strand of two feathers really tied this
piece together~ 

I created this piece in a gorgeous "Snow" white~  All of my halters have long ties to accomodate
most sizes.

I am absolutely in LOVE (and I mean in love) with this bright red.  It is, no doubt, a hot-t-t-t color~
Created with long ties to accomodate different sizes~

A beautiful and vibrant turquoise. 

If you are infatuated with "earthy" tones, you will adore this piece.  Created in "oatmeal",
this piece has small flecks of darker earthy tones.

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